It’s been a strange year on the farm, as anyone living on the east coast this summer can attest. Though we scrambled to grow through a drought, a flood, and a heat wave, we also added a few new skills to our repertoire. We’ve been working in wood, leather and paper for years, but we’ve decided to wrap our passion for textiles up into the business as well. The dusty old four harness loom will be contributing to the shop (you can see it in the photos of the studio), as well as the inherited collection of knitting needles (thanks Great Grandma Deana and Great Aunt Dell), and finally, the addition of some simple garments and quilts for your littlest friends. We’re really excited to start sharing these new heirloom products with you - we hope you’ll love them and cherish them like we do!


Thank you!

It's been a great couple of years. I've been so busy on so many projects, from working on lots of your very unique and exciting personal requests and repairs, to selling to many of you through Teich in the West Village.

I worked with Mark & Amy to make their wedding guest book using all natural materials like birch bark and recycled paper, Sarah requested a beautiful Japanese stab binding for her best friend's wedding guest book, and Courtney gave me the opportunity to repair and re-bind her great grandmother's scrapbook. Most recently, Noah commissioned a special series of 4 hard bound books of his fathers favorite comics for Father's Day. Thank you all.

Now that I have some time on my hands, I'm happy to announce that I've been posting many new books in numerous styles, and also some smaller useful and durable leather items. 

But as always, it's a great pleasure to work with people one-on-one, so if you have something you'd like made for yourself or as a gift - please! - let me know! Email me at katelstcyr@gmail.com, and give me a short description of what you have in mind. 

 Courtney's original cover on the left, and my finished repair and rebind on the right. 

Courtney's original cover on the left, and my finished repair and rebind on the right. 




With the clean up of the site and products, I'm ready to start bringing back in some of the old inventory! Eventually the hard cover field note journals will be back, but right now I'm working on some field notes with a little more flexibility. 



We've had a pretty busy summer, but we have some changes and improvements coming to B&P, like one-of-kind books made with recycled leather and recycled paper. We're also working on smaller leather items including customized luggage and key tags.

Thanks for your patience!



Happy New Year!

After a very busy holiday season (thank you!) we're hunkering down and getting our inventory built up so that we have a larger variety and can ship out your orders faster. We are also working on some new products, and not only in the book department! Our cards and postcards should also be on the way soon! 

One last thing, if you've purchased a book or other item from us and you're giving it lots of love, send us a picture! We would love to start posting these pictures, it makes us happy to see these things go to loving homes, and maybe it will remind others of how much they used to like sketching people's shoes on the subway or writing slam poetry before bed. If you have any inspiring pictures of how you're using a Bone and Paper product, send it to info@boneandpaper.com and we'll throw it up here on the blog! 

Thank you all again for such a great holiday and for spreading the word about Bone and Paper. It means more than you know.